City of Urbandale

Miracle League of Urbandale

August 25th - October 6th, 2019
Miracle League of Urbandale, Northview Park, 4871 78th St.

The Miracle League of Urbandale will provide children and adults with special physical or mental needs the opportunity to play baseball at the Miracle League Park. Each inning, every player gets to hit, get on base, score, and play the field. Each player has a volunteer “Angel” or “Buddy”. This person helps the player with rounding the bases, hitting, catching, throwing, and fielding.
Buddies/Angels primary duties are:
a. Protect, at all times, the players. Always pay attention to the batter and balls in play.
b. Assist the players. Allow each player the opportunity to play as much as possible. Assist only as needed.
c. Support every player on each team. Provide as many high fives, knuckles, cheering, as possible.
d. Enjoy the players and your experience. This opportunity will be as impactful to you as it is to the players.

There are no shifts available at this time.

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